12 ноября 2021

Sustainability advisory

We are ready to assist businesses in going green by taking care of such matters as formulating an ESG strategy and preparing non-financial reports, assisting in getting and upgrading ESG ratings, evaluating climate change risks, designing and implementing management systems, etc.


  • First bank in Russia to run an ESG advisory project for a big power grid company
  • Debut ESG advisory projects launched for major Russian companies

ESG transformation has reached virtually all sectors of the Russian economy, and ESG will soon become an integral part of any business. To get more effective, companies need to address all aspects of sustainable development. That's why MKB provides them a wide range of sustainability advisory services:

  1. Formulating a sustainability strategy, benchmarking non-financial indicators
  2. Assisting in getting and upgrading ESG ratings, analysing expectations and supporting in attracting ESG investors
  3. Climate change-related services, in particular:
    • Formulating a climate strategy / policy
    • Greenhouse gas emission quantification (scope 1, scope 2, scope 3)
    • Evaluating the environmental and carbon imprint of output
  4. Preparing non-financial reports in line with national and international recommendations, incl. GRI
  5. Drafting sustainable development documents
  6. Consulting on getting subsidies from the federal budget for investment projects
  7. Designing and implementing management systems compliant with ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001, or an integrated management system (IMS)

The full range of services can be obtained from MKB's ESG team: