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The Bank's main beneficial owner is Mr. Roman Ivanovich Avdeev, citizen of the Russian Federation.

Roman I. Avdeev
А’”•ЕВ Ром°н ?ванови‡
Born on July 17, 1967 in the City of Odintsovo, Moscow region

Education: Lipetsk State Technical University (1996), business course "Practical Course of Banking" in Moscow International University of Business and Information Technologies (1994)

His first business was related to trading: "I began with selling decoders to Soviet people, then I traded Sinclairs, cooperated with Ukrainian "Elektronmash" factory, brought computers from abroad." After the Soviet Union fell apart and various currencies came to being, Avdeev realized that he was earning more by converting Russian currency into Ukrainian "roubles" than by selling goods: "Then I felt an urge to create a bank. In 1994 I purchased CBM – in fact, merely a banking license with the proceeds of my trading business and began building all the processes from scratch." The secret to success, according to Roman Avdeev, lies in the skill: "It is important to understand what you do. Qualification, self-awareness, reflection, that is refinement at its best."

A manager, in his opinion, should be honest and predictable. An indispensable thing, says Roman: "is to organize the work so that your people come to work with the fire in their eyes and leave with a smile on their faces." His working day begins at 6:15 am, "I review documents until seven o'clock, and from seven to nine I do yoga. I like it." Roman's other hobbies are skiing, reading and philosophy. "Life is movement. I try to stay away from wishful thinking and live for the day, and that's probably why I feel happy. This may well stem from my philosophical interests. What there is today is real, the rest is an illusion", concludes Mr. Avdeev. Now he tries to devote more time to his wife and 23 children, both of his own and adopted.

On 1 March 2013 Roman I. Avdeev created "MCB Capital" managing company to carry out a long-term strategy intended to develop his assets.

The managing company's strategic goal is to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value, achieve high financial targets, manage capital, control and diversify risks.

Roman I. Avdeev's blog avdeev-roman.livejournal.com (in Russian)
Roman I. Avdeev's personal web site romanavdeev.ru/en/ (English)
Roman I. Avdeev's charity foundation "Arifmetika Dobra" arifmetika-dobra.ru (in Russian)

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