Material fact notice

Assignment or Change of Securities’ and/or Issuer’s Rating by Rating Agency Contracted by Issuer


1. General Information

1.1. Issuer’s full corporate name (name for NGO)

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company)

1.2. Issuer’s abbreviated corporate name


1.3. Issuer’s registered office


1.4. Issuer’s OGRN


1.5. Issuer’s TIN


1.6. Unique issuer code assigned by the registration authority


1.7. Issuer’s disclosure webpage;

1.8. Date of occurrence of the event (material fact) about which the message is made (if applicable)


2. Content of Announcement

2.1 Rating assigned to (securities and/or issuer): Issuer

2.2. Kind of rating (credit rating; creditworthiness (solvency) long-term rating; corporate governance rating; other rating): ESG (Environmental Social Governance) rating

2.3. Type, category (class), series and other identifiers of securities rated, if applicable: non-applicable

2.4. Rating assigned or rating before and after change, as applicable: "BBB"

2.5. Date of rating action: 25.10.2019

2.6. Brief description of rating or webpage where rating methodology is disclosed (published):

2.7. Full and abbreviated corporate names (or, if NGO, name), registered office and, if applicable, TIN and OGRN of entity which assigned rating (rating agency): Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH

3. Signature

3.1. Head of Banking Legal Support Department (Power of attorney No.770/2016 dated 29.12.2016 (valid until 29.12.2019))

K.I. Galushko

3.2. 12 December 2019 SEAL